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LivingPHD web services

Living Philosophy, LLC
provides a large number of professional services via LivingPHD.com and weblife123.com in the following fields of activity: Web design, Web hosting, domain registration, site maintenance and quality customer support.

Take Your business online

Are you looking for cost-effective solutions that will increase profitability and online presence for your business or profession? LivingPHD.com is packed with tools and features that will help you increase revenue, decrease expense, and provide your customers with a higher level of services and support.

Steps to get your own web site:

1. Get your domain name: A domain name is the name you want to give to your web site. For example, the domain name of the web site you are reading is LivingPHD.com. Getting a name doesn't get you a web site. It is just a name.

2. Sign up a web host: You place or save your web pages on the web host, so everyone in the world will be able to connect to your web site and view it. It is like renting a office space for your business.

3. Design your web pages: You can do it yourself or hire a professional to design your web site for you. There are many commercial and free web editors around to help accomplish this step.Then, you want to get the web pages to the web hosting server.

4. Add e-commerce and a shopping cart: If you are selling products or services and collect money online, you will need to add e-commercial and a shopping cart to your web site.

5. Web site promotion: When your site is ready, you will need to submit your site to the search engines to get it noticed.


Why Us:

  1. Dedication to customers’ needs
  2. Risk-free Services: 1 month money-back guarantee
  3. Host multiple Web sites (domains)
  4. Fast reliable network and servers
  5. The best value for your money
  6. Lots of great free features
  7. Possibility to upgrade to more advanced package
  8. Multi-lingual control panel
  9. Affordable pricing
  10. Reliable technology for maximum online stability